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Whatever your dreams may look like, we want to help you get there.

How is Swisher Financial Concepts different? 

We are well aware that there are numerous, high-quality financial advisory firms in our city, state and nation. Any of them could do a very good job for you. But something directed you to US.

Perhaps you were sent here by a friend or family member, perhaps you are just searching for an advisor in a particular geographic area, or maybe you bumped into one of us at an event or church and wanted to find out a little bit more. No matter how you landed here, we are glad you found us. Now you may be wondering what makes us different from the others?

We don't wear fancy suits or throw lavish dinner parties or industry events. We don’t send extravagant gifts or head downtown for the latest networking event to rub elbows with the elite. We don't drive fancy cars or wear Rolexes. There is nothing wrong with these things but if this is what you're looking for - we probably aren't the firm for you.

If you are looking for sincere, honest relationships - advisors that value and understand your dreams and perhaps potential obstacles between you and your dreams. Now you're talking more our speed. We value faith, family and wise, patient investing. 

Our Process
Our History

Looking for answers to questions about personal financial planning?

We find that most people begin seeking out financial advice or doing research alongside important life events. Feel free to browse around our library of resources to help guide you through.

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