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College Planning

College Planning


Isn’t it ironic that you practically need a degree in College Funding to help send a child to college these days?  Your kids take the ACT’s or the SAT’s, and you take the FAFSA.  You can hope that you have the next Einstein or Tiger Woods and the college recruiters will line up to offer free college to your kids but just in case you don’t want your kids living in your basement forever shouldn’t  you work with someone to make a backup plan?  The cost of tuition rapidly rising, the prospect of saving enough for college can seem overwhelming.  An SFC advisor can help you to determine how much you need to save as well as how get the most from your budget.  Planning for higher education requires more than just a savings goal and endless paperwork.  We will -walk you through the steps to prepare for college funding.


-Strategize tax efficient methods for making contributions


-Identify  related expenses


-Explain how a college savings account affects federal student aid eligibility


-Discuss options if your child receives scholarships or decides not to go to college


This is not a set it and forget it endeavor.  College expenses, student aid, and financial options are changing every year.  Partner with an SFC advisor to understand your options and help achieve your goals.