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Our Core Values


At Swisher Financial Concepts, we believe nothing is more important than relationships. At the core of any healthy relationship is effective communication. We want to establish clear, concise, effective channels of communication with all of our clients.

We also understand that clients are unique in the way they receive communication most effectively and efficiently, so we encourage you to inform us when our communication format could be enhanced to improve your experience.


At Swisher Financial Concepts, we feel very blessed to have been operating for well over 30 years. The firm has grown in these 3 decades from the founder, Gary Swisher, who operated for the first decade as a sole proprietor and set the stage for the culture and DNA that still prevails today.

As we began to expand in the second decade, the principles and fundamentals have continued on. Now, with 4 fully licensed advisors and 3 support staff, there is but one reason we can point to that has been most paramount in driving the growth of our firm: Client Trust and Referrals. We do not exist without the amazing clients we have had the opportunity to serve and nothing points more clearly to the fact than that almost 100% of our new business comes from direct referrals of existing clients. We are humbled by that fact.


Too many times, we hear stories of financial advisory experiences that were delivered at a PhD level when in reality, the overwhelming majority of clients do not understand the concepts that are even being discussed.

Our goal at Swisher Financial is to deliver education and ideas that are verbalized and written in a manner that is understood by our clients. We do not want to move forward with a financial plan, investment solution, or product if you have unanswered questions or concerns. Long term, we strive to improve our clients’ overall financial literacy as much as possible; operating more as partners in this relationship than as teacher and pupil.