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Our Company

Swisher Financial Concepts was founded in 1984 by Gary Swisher with the goal of providing all phases of financial planning with a specialty in retirement & estate planning for individuals and small businesses. Now a Registered Investment Advisory firm with the State of Ohio, Swisher Financial Concepts, Inc. currently employs 8 permanent staff members and maintains a client base throughout the United States.

Our Mission

We equip our clients to make wise financial decisions so they will enjoy life completely.

Our Process

-Establish Relationship

-Gather Data and Set Goals

-Evaluate Financial Status

-Review Recommendations

-Execute Plan

-Monitor Progress


Our Starting Point

The starting point towards making wise financial decisions and enjoying life completely is a financial plan. A financial plan provides a road map for your vision and the necessary guardrails (enemy avoidance) you’ll need while traveling down that road.

Our Core Values

Spend deliberately.

 Budgeting is as much fun as dieting.  However, the simple truth is we all have to spend money to live.  Therefore, be deliberate about what you spend since you’re going to spend your money on something.  We believe that ignorance is your enemy.

Give generously.

You’ve probably heard that it’s better to give than to receive.  It’s true.  Giving to others powerfully helps transform your mindset about money.  We believe that greed is your enemy.

Borrow  rarely.

Clear lines should exist between needs and wants.  Don’t ever borrow money because you want something you can’t afford.  We believe that envy is your enemy.

Invest patiently.

Money is like a flower: plant it properly, water it occasionally, watch it patiently and allow it to grow.  Stare at a flower for 24 hours straight and you’ll be convinced it’s not growing.  We believe that impatience is your enemy.

Protect responsibly.

Bad things can happen in life.  That’s not pessimism, it’s realism.  Get a step ahead of the what-ifs.  We believe that apathy is your enemy.   

Enjoy completely.

Once you’ve developed these habits of wise financial decision-making, then you’re finally free to enjoy money as you spend it on the people, things and causes you’re passionate about.  We believe that guilt is your enemy.