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Investment Management

Investment Management

Finding the next Amazon is as easy as throwing a dart,…PSYCH!  There are advisors who make their career finding the next big deal.  On the way they have found quite a few Kmarts.   The advisors at SFC will not chase rainbows looking for your pot of gold.  We value your hard earned money and prefer to take a responsible approach when investing your assets.  As part of our comprehensive planning experience at SFC our advisors will work with you to create an investment portfolio to achieve your financial goals.  Our process involves discovery of your personality, preferences,  and goals.  We consider many variables when choosing your  investments.

-Risk Tolerance                                 -Experience

-Time Horizon                                    -Socially Responsible and Environmental Concerns


Working with an advisor you can choose your level of participation from hands-on to hands-free.  You will have the resources to aggregate and view your complete financial picture through a single sign-on platform.  Partnering with SFC for your Investment management means you have an advisor, a coach, and an ally on your team to guide you to success.